Our companies build communication and power supply systems, are responsible for the security of information and facilities, manage traffic flows and urban economy, facilitate the work of state bodies and financial institutions.


Our goal is to make advanced Russian technologies available to countries that want to ensure their independence and sovereignty.


The world is becoming increasingly unstable. The risks of conflicts are growing. Digitisation makes the infrastructure an important battleground in cyber warfare, and a desirable target for criminals and terrorists. There is a need to ensure the sustainability of information and infrastructure systems on which depend lives and well-being of millions of people. Countries that will not be able to control their critical infrastructure, and their digital infrastructure in particular, countries that do not have the necessary technologies and competencies, risk losing their sovereignty.

Russia has traditionally been a recognised leader in the development of unique complex systems in the areas of cybersecurity, e-government, smart city, energy, space, communications and many others. Russian technologies will help ensure the technological independence and sovereignty of our partners in the face of instability and threats.


We don't sell technology in "black boxes". We value mutual trust and openness. We are ready to share our knowledge with our partners, create solutions together, and train local staff.


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