The Association is working to establish, together with our partners abroad, Russian technology Centers as the points of permanent presence of Russian companies and universities, and the channels for exporting technology and education, developing joint scientific and technological solutions and creating business joint ventures.



On the basis of a Memorandum signed with the National University of Vietnam in Hanoi in 2018 with the support of the Ministry of Digital Development, Communications and Mass Media of the Russian Federation and the Far Eastern Federal University, the Association is working to create in Hanoi the "Russian-Vietnamese Technology Center" as a showcase of Russian high- tech companies in the field of information technology and a platform for training Vietnamese specialists in the field of Information Security.



A preliminary agreement has been reached with the Union of Chambers of Commerce and Exchanges of Turkey to open a "Russian-Turkish Technology Center" in Ankara. This cooperation in the technological sphere received official support of the Russian and Turkish sides at the session of the Joint Intergovernmental Commission in July 2019.



According to the decision made during the official visit of the President of the Russian Federation Vladimir Putin to Serbia in January 2019, on the basis of the cooperation Agreement with the Autonomous non-profit organization "The National Technology Initiative Platform", the Technological Sovereignty Exports Association participates in the project of the Russian-Serbian Innovation Center in Belgrade.



Together with Malaysian high-technology company "ITRAMAS" and other partners, the Association plans to sign a Memorandum on the opening of the "Malaysian-Russian High Technology Center" in Kuala Lumpur.