The Association organizes leading Russian companies into consortia to developand export key high-tech critical infrastructure platforms.

CYBERSECURITY Russian solutions in the field of cybersecurity are based on a long tradition of original software development and one of the world's best schools of cryptography. Russian companies are ready to share their technologies and unsurpassed experience.

«SMART CITY» The capital of Russia – Moscow is one of the most "smart" and safe cities in the world. Its traffic management system is based on breakthrough artificial intelligence technologies.

E-government Russia has taken a leading position in terms of scope and efficiency of digital management technologies, creating the world's best tax administration, document and healthcare management systems, as well as the platform for virtual interaction with citizens.

TRUSTED INDUSTRIAL DIGITAL SPACE In the era of cyberterrorism and cyberwarfare, complex industrial and infrastructure systems require a special approach to ensuring their reliability and security. The consortium "Trusted platform" is using "built-in immunity" and multi-layer protection, based on the original Russian "cyber-physical" systems.

DIGITAL MEDICINE AND BIO-SECURITY Medicine is becoming a leading field for the application of intelligent digital technologies. The experience of Russian companies covers a wide range of competencies - from diagnostic solutions using artificial intelligence and remote monitoring, to drug labelling systems.

INFRASTRUCTURE SECURITY Infrastructure systems on which depends the functioning of the state and the lives of citizens have special requirements when it comes to their protection. Russian companies are ready to share with their foreign partners the experience of highly intelligent solutions that they developed for the nuclear industry, energy distribution grid and other critically important sites.

FINANCIAL SYSTEMS Digitalisation and development of the mobile Internet are leading to a revolution in the financial industry. Russian software developers are rightfully the leaders of this revolution – Russian payment and other financial systems are recognised as ones of the most modern in the world.

MATH AND SCIENCE EDUCATION The Russian school of mathematics, physics and programming proves its leadership with annual victories at world Olympiads and competitions. Russian competences of teaching Math and Sciences are highly valued by our foreign partners.